The Microwave

I chuckled at this one, because the struggle is real.

However, it got me to thinking. What are some of the small things in life that are actually quite enjoyable and satisfying? 

I think for me, one of the most satisfying small things is when I sit down to write, I have this sudden flow of words, as if they came out of nowhere. I don’t have to look at my list of things I want to talk about, I don’t have to browse the Internet looking for inspiration.

It just happens.


Acid Reflux sucks. I don’t typically suffer from such things but lately it’s been rough. Part of this big (to me) move is having to leave a place I grew up and essentially spent all of my living years behind. Compound that with everything that’s going into moving and the amount of money it really does cost to move. Don’t think you can move for cheap… that’s just not a thing. 

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Why This Site

I’ve kept this site going with mostly daily content for the last few months now, and I’m quite impressed with how far it’s come. It’s no money maker, for sure. It likely never will be. At some point, this address won’t even point to a blog, but a more professional presentation of me. This blog will be delegated to its own address with its own name. 

But that’s a project for another time. Right now, I want to reflect on why I do this.

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