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Great way to start off the week. and I have a new bromance.

Mount Shuksan

Mount Shuksan

I love the mountains. I have a thing for vast swaths of hills, towering peaks, forests, and snow. Over the weekend I took the opportunity to pack up my gear on almost a moment’s notice and drive three hours to the base of Mount Baker & Mount Shuksan. Baker is a skiing mountain, while Shuksan is a bit less accessible (as in it’s accessible by hiking). That doesn’t mean you can get a great photo of it. The sun was setting and I wanted to catch the last light on the mountains. Command and Conquer Server Management Command and Conquer Server Management

If you’re a master of several web-facing servers (multiple websites, multiple-node application, etc), you know you have better things to do than spend time manually updating everything, running code against each node, or just gathering statistics by hand. This is where Commando comes in. Commando isn’t a complete management suite like Puppet, CFEngine or Chef, but what it is is a panacea for those terminal blues. If you’re familiar with the larger tools, you’ll know that you essentially have to learn a new language in order to craft your own plugins/tools to run against your environments. With Commando, you can craft your tools in a language you prefer.

Mail Server: On Rolling Your Own

This morning I started reading a series of articles on Ars Technica written by Lee Hutchinson on setting up your own mail server, complete with anti-virus, anti-spam, a load of security, and webmail access. At first I thought it would be a great idea and I jumped in right away. One thing I have to take away from the experience is: it’s all fun and games until someone spends several hours making something that they could get for free.


Sometimes there isn’t that much to say. I wanted to catch a sunset before the clouds rolled in for the next week so I headed to a place where I know I can find some nice rocks playing with high tide. It was a great evening.